Dress Your Sales Pages For Success – 5 Tips For Creating Appealing Sales Pages

Dress Your Sales Pages For Success – 5 Tips For Creating Appealing Sales Pages


You can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your sales pages by dressing up their visual presentation.

When you do this, your sales pages will be:

easier to read,

easier to understand, and

aesthetically pleasing.

If, on a an effectiveness scale of 1-10, your sales page ranks somewhere between 1-3, you can quickly and easily improve them by applying 5 simple design tips. When you do, the salepage effectiveness of your sales pages can take a quantum leap.

The 5 tips you will want to apply to every sales page are

1) Line Length:

Shorten your line length to about 60 characters.

Beyond about 60 characters, the human eye has a hard time finding its way back to the first letter of the next line. People tend to simply stop reading rather than to continue the struggle.

2) Font Type:

Switch to Verdana or Tahoma because they have rounder letters and a more “open” look that makes them much easier to read on the screen.

A “squeezed-up” font like Arial is difficult to read on the screen because the skinny letters seem to run together, especially in large blocks of text. People will leave it and go on to something else.

3) Font Size:

Increase your font size to 16-pixels so that it looks like 12-point Verdana in an email. This makes your sales copy easy and inviting to read.

Characters that are too small cause eye strain for many people, and a whole long scrolling page of itty bitty characters is just simply too daunting for them.

4) White Space:

Increase your margin/padding so that the overall effect looks like a regular letter with a 6-inch line and a 1½” margin on the left and a 1″ margin on the right, laying on a desktop of deep blue, for preference, but other colors are all right, too.

White space is actually a “design element” and web pages with too little white space appear cramped and constipated.

5) Micro Headlines:

Bold the first few words of each paragraph as a way of leading the eye into reading the rest of it.

Many paragraphs of text without a break tend to intimidate readers to the point where they’ll scroll right past it. In order to get them to *read* each paragraph, you’ve got to catch their attention and *sell* them on the idea of reading the rest it.

These 5 “dress-for-success” changes will make a big difference in how inviting your sales page appears to the person who has just landed on it.

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