Landing Page Effectiveness

Landing Page Effectiveness  

Do you have in place a Pay Per Click campaign, banner ads or other online traffic generating strategies? If you do, where are you directing the traffic? Hopefully you have created or are thinking about investing on a landing page. Redirecting traffic to your home   Vegetation removal Mornington Peninsula   page and hoping the best will not help you capitalize on your investment. A well-designed landing page will certainly engage potential customers if done properly.

Pages have to be simple and to the point presenting to the viewer in a clear way the next steps. It has to be very clear what you are expecting the visitor to do. Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter, provide personal information, and recommend your product or service or purchase from you? Once you have decided what the action is, it should focus only on that.

Pages have to be consistent with your branding, your website and your advertising. You do not want to confuse visitors, be professional and to the point.

Visitors that access online pages will not stay long. You have a very short space of time to engage with them. Your page has to be clear and to the point. Use bullet points to provide information you consider necessary. Make it easy to scan the information. Remember you have a goal to accomplish, focus on doing so.

What works best for a online pages, does not mean it will work for another one. Page effectiveness varies as the target market and the nature of the business changes. Monitor your landing page, understand what works and what doesn’t, tune it up and ensure it is providing the highest ROI for your marketing investment.

Use the following pointers to create great call to action landing pages:

Your ad has to be simple and the call to action has to be highlighted so that visitors know what they have to do when they go to your landing page. Some of the most effective call to actions is displaying a URL to click on, asking users to search online for a particular keyword or advertise their Facebook page.

Use unique URLs or search terms. Easy and unique URLs or search terms will facilitate in interaction with visitors.

Use unique campaign names. If visitors do not click immediately to your landing page it is easier for them to remember unique and catchy campaign names.

Landing pages must meet and match expectations. A visitor will go to your landing page to obtain something: a discount, a white paper, more information, etc. Make sure your landing page makes good on the promise made within the ad. Visitors expect to receive what they were promised.

Your landing page should have a clear objective. For a landing page to be successful, first you have to know exactly what you want to achieve so that the visitor ends up doing what you want him to do.

Make sure your landing page has a ‘share’ button, so that visitors can share the content with friends and family via email or social media sites.

Do not ask too much information from the visitor. Engage him and ask just the necessary information so that you can contact him and follow up with details. As the relationship progresses you will be able to get more personal.

Make sure your landing page has different options to contact you. Provide telephone numbers, call back or live chat options and links so that they can browse your website.

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