Paul Picot Watches Review of the Firshire, Yachtman, Technicum, and C-Type Series

Paul Picot Watches Review of the Firshire, Yachtman, Technicum, and C-Type Series


Since 1976, Paul Picot watches have been known for their artistic and contemporary designs. Creator Mario Boiocchi first started  geometric series making these pieces with Swiss watchmaking technology. They are anything but simple. They are made with a futuristic theme in mind. A focus is placed on their readability. If the most important thing about watches to you is how easily the time can be seen and read, then this brand is for you.

Just because they have futuristic designs doesn’t mean that they are all flashy. Some are a bit subdued, and made with neutral colors such as black and gray. There is still enough versatility to suit anyone’s taste.

The men’s automatic watch with black leather and silver dial is an example of the somewhat subdued design some of these pieces have. This is a dressy timepiece from the Firshire series with a stainless steel case. The black strap is made out of the finest quality alligator leather. The silvertone indices and hands stand out from the silver dial, making the time easy to read.

Another watch in the Firshire series has a polished 18k rose gold case and markers. It’s a bit more colorful than the silvertone piece. Both of these are great choices and look good with formal or business attire.

If you’d prefer a colorful, casual watch, the Yachtman piece with the bright blue dial is a good choice. The numbers are represented by bold round indices. The strap on this particular piece is black rubber and has the word Yachtman displayed on it. The black strap and blue dial are brought together with a polished stainless steel case.

There are other watches in this series, although this one is the most popular. There are pieces with a white or a blue rubber strap. Some of the models have metal straps instead of rubber. Overall, there are some great options with the Yachtman series.

Another series worth mentioning is the Technicum. These watches have some very interesting geometric designs on the dial. The design is unique on each model. The straps are alligator leather available in black or brown. The dials feature multiple colors with their intricate designs.

Perhaps the boldest of Paul Picot watches are the ones in the C-Type series. These have large, black rubber straps with a multi-squared pattern. The dial and case have futuristic looking metal designs. The bezel type is screw-in. It has an anti-friction ring that is capable of unidirectional rotating.

If you’ve never seen Paul Picot watches, you will find that they really stand out – especially the ones with bright colors and geometric designs. There are quite a few to choose from. The quality materials such as rubber and stainless steel ensure that these pieces will last for a lifetime.

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