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NFL Football picks for week
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NFL Football picks for week

Miami at Pittsburgh

Despite the fact that Big Ben is out, I actually think the Steelers win this home opener. The Steelers safeguard is simply excessively great. However, it will be close.

PICK: Pittsburgh - Pick em

Atlanta at Carolina - 6

An intense game against a division adversary, however the Panthers D successes out containing Michael Vick and Warrick Dunn. Must go with the host group here.

PICK: Carolina - 6

Baltimore at Tampa Bay - 3

Chris Simms appears and shows to the Ravens that he is prepared to be a beginning QB. The two groups have quality guards, however the Bucs have a superior offense, particularly when the Cadillac begins to run.

PICK: Tampa Bay - 3

Bison at New England - 9

Truth be told, I've been a New England Patriot fan since primary school. I'm never going to root or pick against them. Along these lines, as I would like to think, they will take the poo out of the Bills this end of the week. Losman won't realize what hit him, and Corey Dillon will be back in his old structure.

PICK: New England - 9

Cincinnati at Kansas City - 3

The two groups have possibly unstable offenses, and this could end up being a high scoring game. Since the two groups are uniformly coordinated, I'll take the group getting a few focuses. เว็บไซต์พนันออนไลน์

PICK: Cincinnati +3

Denver at St. Louis + 3 1/2

Despite the fact that the Rams have another mentor, they are as yet a quality group, at home, and getting focuses. This one is simple.

PICK: St. Louis +3 1/2

New Orleans at Cleveland - 3

Charlie Frye might end up being a decent NFL QB, yet not this game. Anyway I figure it will be the Saints offense that successes this one. Reggie Bush shows his stuff and the marking of Drew Brees begins to look more intelligent. Cleveland claims they worked on their protection by marking two maturing veterans, Ted Washington and Willie McGinest. Somebody comes walking in…

PICK: New Orleans +3

New York Jets at Tennessee - 3

The Jets will battle this year and it will begin in Tennessee. This is presumably the most noticeably terrible round of the day and I need to watch it since I live in New York. Truly, the two groups suck, however I'll go with the host group.

PICK: Tennessee - 3

Philadelphia at Houston + 4

One of these groups is on the way up and the other is on the way down. As Donovan goes, so exceed everyone's expectations, he doesn't do much against the Texans, who are beginning to wake up. Long periods of high draft picks in all actuality do pay off.

PICK: Houston+4

Seattle at Detroit +6

The Seahawks are simply excessively extreme of a group for the Lions to deal with, despite the fact that I figure the Lions will be significantly better this year with another instructing system set up. I'm not a major fanatic of taking an away group giving focuses, however I need to do it here.

PICK: Seattle - 6

Chicago at Green Bay +3 1/2

The Pack simply won't be excellent this year, however I surmise they generally get an opportunity with Favre. In this game, they cause the Bears to seem noticeably more appealing than they truly are.

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